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It can be very difficult to fully understand Gemini ascendant Scorpio and their personalities. When it comes to love and relationships, it can be hard to keep up with you and you can be very demanding. On the whole, Gemini ascendant Scorpio is a tenacious and strong combination. Gemini rising sign Scorpio always finds ways to get what they want in love.

Gemini ascendant Sagittarius is a wonderful mixture of bravery and intense creativity. This is one seriously complete mixture! Gemini rising sign Sagittarius has a truly adaptable nature which makes them completely unstoppable. Your determination, original ideas and deep implication means your plans always have a great chance of succeeding. Your commitment to your work will help you earn the respect of your coworkers. Gemini ascendant Sagittarius is strongly committed to what they believe in and will do everything possible to reach the top.

Enthusiastic and positive, nothing can bring you down and you even have the strength to motivate other people. Gemini ascendant Capricorn is often a deceptive mixture. Although once we really get to know them, we soon realize they are full of interesting opinions and views. The Capricorn ascendant is a real asset when it comes to achieving professional success.

The Capricorn rising sign helps Gemini express their ideas clearly and logically, guaranteeing solid relationships and success. Gemini ascendant Capricorn is a true winner! Gemini ascendant Capricorn is tenacious, determined and realistic.

You dream of success and have all the tools to get exactly what you want. Gemini ascendant Aquarius is a passionate, lively and determined combination. You are very idealistic and have trouble being around people who have differing views and ideas to you. You hate moving too quickly in love and can never truly be certain of your feelings. In relationships you tend to hold back and find it hard to break down your walls.

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Taking time out to think your decisions through as well as reflecting on your situation help you see clear. The Aquarius rising sign reinforces your sociability which means that making friends is easy for you. Gemini ascendant Aquarius feels a strong need to please and impress other people.

Your hobbies are extensive and you love expanding your knowledge. Gemini ascendant Pisces is a mysterious and unhabitual mixture. You are well liked and appreciated, but when it comes to your professional chances, people often doubt you have what it takes to get to the top. You are very adaptable and always find ways to make things possible. People are often wrong to doubt you because your strong work ethic means you know exactly what it takes to succeed. You are always ready to forgive and forget.

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How do you find your rising sign? Article continues below. How do you find your ascendant or rising sign on the chart? How often does the rising sign change? The AstroTwins. Check out Astrology Fundamentals. Become the master of your own destiny and create real, meaningful change in your life with this out-of-this-world course taught by the amazing AstroTwins.

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