Astrology eclipse february 23 2020

Incidents of road rage or war so please practice peace. Push through on difficult tasks. Stay centered. Keep your cool. Big fire coming on through. March 7 th : Big changes occur as Uranus re-enters earth-based Taurus on March 7 th and stays there for the next seven years. Earth changes and capricious financial markets are par for the course during the next seven years. Store water, grow your own food and see if you can diversify your income. Financial markets shift dramatically over this period and currency may change or alter.

What to do about that IRA? Dave Ramsey, please weigh in. November 11 th : Excitement! Drum roll please as little Mercury crosses the face of the Sun on November 11 th. The power of the pen and the Press are restored! The importance of the well-thought out turn of phrase is magnified.

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News about an authority. Decorum and dignity. Difficulty and disappointment with Government. Action and commitment are required. Sort through your possibilities and get real about your circumstances. No pie in the sky! Great day for challenging the outdoors and downloading new ideas.

Let your ideas and plans percolate. Possibilities abound. Think positively. This is an important precursor to the next two years.

January 12222 and a glimpse at 2020

A new leader emerges. Use this energy personally by being the accountant and manager of your own life. Trim down excesses at this practical New Moon. Be brave. Initiate some kind of change. Fallout from the eclipse lingers as the Moon connects with Pluto. Fear not! Lift up your hearts and rejoice. Let inspiration guide you as the Moon connects with Neptune on the 10th. A poem waits to be written.

Full Moon for February 2020

Time to face those shadows as the Sun meets Pluto. Bold but tender is the way to go.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

Solar eclipses are typically for new beginnings and great opportunities. Because they happen in the New Moon , it is important to meditate and write down all your intentions and what new things you want to manifest for this period. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This eclipse will be super powerful because is happens in the 12 th solar house. The house 12 is all about spirituality, meditation and everything that connects you to the divine. Also could coincide with a major life event.

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This eclipse happens in the 7 th solar house which means that our relationships will be focused. Besides Sagittarius is all about freedom so it will be a great moment to travel, plan big and start new projects with focus and presence. Enjoy the last eclipse of the year to change your life upside down in A lunar eclipse is super charged and perfect for meditations and spiritual performances such as mantras, dream map, charging crystals , energetic cleaning bath and energetic increase bath.

How you nourish and nature yourself. This period can cause more melancholy, pessimism and difficulties. Check where you have those planets in your map to see exactly in which aspect it will affect you the most.

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  • This eclipse empathizes work and health. Sagittarius people love their freedom so it is a perfect time to plan yourself to travel, be with friends, do outdoors activities and things that make you feel alive. Therefore, because the Moon is passing through Capricorn it means that it is a moment to try to stay focused and emotional balanced.

    Capricorn Cancer Eclipses: Divine prep for 2020 (MUST WATCH)

    Capricorn tends to be more impulsive, strict and serious while Cancer is a lot more relaxed and sensible while dealing with all the changes and news that comes with the eclipse. Assange is the founder of Wikileaks who was granted political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in Asylum was withdrawn earlier this year, he was arrested and is currently in Belmarsh Prison awaiting extradition to the USA.

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    Assange had an eclectic childhood shown by Mars in Aquarius on the IC, which also alludes to his incarceration. Jupiter is his ruling planet in the sign of secrets, Scorpio, next to illusory Neptune in the sign of truth, Sagittarius.

    Also, note Saturn in Gemini, the sign of the writer, on the Descendant opposing the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Assange has won many awards for his journalism and he was Time Person of the Year in This was a pivotal year in his life when sexual accusations were made against him and Wikileaks exposed thousands of US government documents.

    He has huge support from many people but attracts major opposition too. He is both loved and admired, hated and ostracised. Some people view him as a criminal, other people see him as a victim of injustice.