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Appropriately enough your lunar patterns are secretive, profoundly so. Spend some time mulling over the deeper questions and preparing for the time when you must revise some of your complacent views about your professional experience and standing. Certain colleagues may advise caution, yet people often criticise your radical Aquarian proposals.

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The point is, though, that nothing will succeed unless you first obtain agreement from all concerned parties. Unusual arrangements with old and trusted friends are the best.

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With Mars favouring your personal relationships you naturally tend to overstate your case, but if people take your exaggerations seriously, you will find you have bitten off more than you can chew. At all times, take a creative approach.

TAURUS Apr 21 — May 21 From now on, it will be much more difficult for partners to pick holes in your financial affairs, and it will become clear to everybody that your way of organising your life is considerably better than they once thought. Moreover, they will insist on maintaining their position as bosses of the department or company, and under no circumstances will they allow you or anyone else to undermine their authority.

Not necessarily hungry for advancement, Capricorn bosses are more likely to hang onto their rung on the corporate ladder having once reached and, in most cases, intending to remain at that level as long as possible. The Aquarius Boss January February 19 Strengths: quick, bright, open Weaknesses: impatient, erratic, elusive Interactive Style: immediate, unpredictable, ungovernable Since Aquarians are not particularly suited to be bosses, they are, generally speaking, rather few and far between.

There are several reasons for this, among them their erratic and impulsive behavior, need to act on their own, lightning-quick moves, and general disinterest in holding power over others or setting up a dynasty. That said, if you have an Aquarius boss, at least you have been forewarned. Actually, they are often fun to work with when you can catch up to them and treat their employees quite generously.

Their impatience is legendary, so do not try their quick tempers or frustrate them with your absence or tardiness when they really need you in the clutch. The Pisces Boss February March 20 Strengths: affluent, fluid, empathic Weaknesses: easily manipulated, oversensitive, overprotective Interactive Style: relaxed, adaptable, influential For some strange reason Pisces are thought of as being bad with money. Yet historically, and also in one's own circle of friends, handling money seems to come easily to those born under this sign.

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In the same way, a Pisces boss too frequently invokes the mistaken picture of an ultra-relaxed and indecisive fish flopping out of its depth, but those born under this sign frequently make excellent bosses, even dynasty builders. Moneymaking comes quite naturally to them, as it is a fluid medium that they totally understand. Nurturing Pisces bosses are more than capable of guarding the interests of their businesses and employees, bringing profit to all concerned.

He has studied astrology for 40 years and frequently lectures and writes on the subject.

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