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On Sunday, August 11 , philosophical Jupiter goes direct in adventurous Sagittarius. It's been retrograde since April, and over the past few months you've had much to brood over. In particular, you've been wondering how to exist both as a loyal member of your community and also as an independent individual. Since you excel at putting up walls, you may have created strict boxes to separate your family life and your personal life. Now that Jupiter is direct, you have newfound clarity on who you are and what you want.

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No matter how sneaky you think you are, you sexy side-stepping crab, secrets never stay buried. It's time to be honest with yourself and those around you so you can exist in one world, not several. You wouldn't be you without your shell. It grounds you, protects you, and not only do you know how to make money, you also know how to save it, which isn't always true for water signs. You have the potential to build a grand life filled with material security to share with your lovers, friends, and community. The people who love you know that being a bit guarded is crucial to who you are, but it's time to be honest with everyone about who that person is so you can lighten up and enjoy life.

On this same day, communication planet Mercury enters fierce Leo, and this transit will give you courage.

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Additionally, innovative planet Uranus goes retrograde, and it may feel like you've pulled the Tower card in the tarot , which represents destined events and revelations that are out of our control. The image of the Tower is a lightning bolt striking a building. If you haven't been honest with your loved ones about what you need and who you are, an event may occur that goes ahead and does it for you.

August asks Cancers to build bridges — rather than walls — between your worlds. The secret is that you're extraordinarily awesome, and your loved ones are going to accept you. The only person filled with worries and judgment about you is you.

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It's time to drop the shame and share your character with all of the world. Cancers are exceptional creatives, and on Thursday, August 15 , a full moon in unconventional Aquarius asks you to share your ideas and art.

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You're ruled by the moon, so while full moons mean manifestation for all signs, you are particularly adept at harnessing their power. Anything you start on this full moon will bring great success. Perhaps in reaction to how well-received you are this month, you'll feel of service both in your professional and personal life. Then set up that hot date!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Join together with others today, and you will find that you will make tremendous progress on whatever tasks you undertake. Remember that many hands make light work. There is a distinct advantage in sharing you burden with the people around you. Don't pretend to be able to tackle everything by yourself.

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There is no reason to strain yourself when there are plenty of willing hands around you who are eager to help you. Your well considered actions will be extremely effective today. There is a tremendous strength to your mental power and you should not hesitate to direct others towards avenues that would be good for them at this time.

CANCER Weekly Psychic Tarot Reading - Horoscope - Week 17 - APRIL 23 - 29

You are apt to have the vision to see things that other people might not notice. People may not be able to see the very same thing in front of them even if they're about to crash into it! You could be king of a social gathering today. You could end up being the star of any group you are a part of.

If you spend time with family members, you might entertain them with your stories and jokes. If you are hanging out with friends, all eyes could be turned your way as you make witty remarks. You'll be in a bubbly, clever sort of mood, so have fun! New interests that have come your way over the past few days might cause you to throw yourself totally into learning about them.

These interests might involve spiritual or philosophical matters, or they could involve history or the study of distant cultures. You might also be planning a vacation, and decide to spend a lot of time preparing for it today. Either way, you should have a great day.

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