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For this reason, your specific version of the AstroGeometry program may not be as perfectly debugged if you attempt to use a feature that works with an upgrade you did not order and pay for.


For example, it you try to use the menu choices that are meant for interpretations and you did not order any Interpretation Upgrades, you may run into a small bug since you do not actually have the Interpretations Upgrade. But there is no need to worry. The worst that can happen is your program could freeze on you.

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Then you just have to reload AstroGeometry and the program will faithfully perform what it is meant to do. It is that simple. Your AstroGeometry program will perform faithfully what it and the upgrades you bought are meant to do, and all you have to do is follow the instructions in this manual. Once you have installed AstroGeometry the registration screen appears. When you send an email to the codes department at MagiCodes aol. We will send you instructions about how to activate the program including activating any upgrades you have purchased and at that point just double-click on the Target icon and AstroGeometry will start loading.

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This means that it will only work with data from The day and month displayed will be the same as that which your computers internal clock supplied. But, in Demo Mode, AstroGeometry uses instead of the year your computer supplies. Once you activate the Enable All Years feature, todays correct date will be displayed when you load AstroGeometry. A pop up window will remind you that you must activate the Enable All years feature in order to proceed. Before we discuss the menu items further we should tell you how to activate your program features, including Enable All Years.

We will send you complete instructions by email, too. We start this process by clicking on the Activate selection on the Main Menu Bar. When you do, you will be presented with a window labeled Activate Features.

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Click on Activate. If you have not yet activated any upgrades, all entries will have the word Disabled in the right hand column. This will allow you to insert the activation codes all at one time by copying them from the email we send you and then pasting them into the Multi Activate box. If, for some reason you cannot copy and paste from the email we send you then you can type in the codes for each upgrade by hand.

The most important activation is number 7Enable All Years as without that feature activated your software will not calculate any year but If you type in activation codes individually by hand press the button labeled Activate Features. A message box will ask you to wait for up to 2 minutes to activate the features.

Then, another window will appear with spindles that you must match in order to continue the activation process. If you have waited more than 2 minutes and the spindle window has not appeared, it is because it is hiding behind the wait 2 minutes box. Just move the wait message to one side by holding your mouse down on the top edge if this happens to you. The word Enabled should appear next to features you activated.

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If you use the Multi-Activate button another screen will pop up that looks like the one here: Paste in the activation codes we sent you in the white area. Then press the button labeled Complete Multiple Activation to activate every upgrade you have ordered. After you have copied and pasted the activation codes from your email the screen will look somewhat like this, dependent upon which upgrades you have actually ordered.

After you click the button labeled Complete Multiple Activation, the window will look similar to the illustration on this page dependent upon which upgrades are included. When you do, the value in the Year box will change from to that given to AstroGeometry by your computers internal clock. The Main Screen of your AstroGeometry program may vary from the printed sample depending on the exact version and level of software that you have.

But in all cases, the Main Screen is divided into the following sections:. Just below the top border of the program is the Menu Bar. We already used the Menu Bar to activate the features of the software. It will have a number of selections including:. The Graphics Area: Starting just below the Menu Bar, on the left part of the Main Screen, is a large chart section which takes up most of the screen.

The Magi AstroChart will display the longitudinal positions of the planets as well as the declinations latitudes for heliocentric on a static chart wheel. This is called a Babylonian chartwheel and it makes observations of planetary geometry easier. Besides the chart data in the upper left hand corner, the type of chart will be written in the lower left corner, and the types of angles displayed on the chartwheel will be printed in the lower right hand corner. In these 2 sub-areas there are a total of at least 36 Time and Location data entry boxes each of which can accept one piece of the data the software needs to do what you require of it.

This data may be entered either manually or, in many cases, by scrolling until the desired value is reached. Other data can be specified simply by checking a radio button. In addition to the 36 data-entry boxes, there are at least 17 Program Control data entry boxes. The data you enter in these boxes tells AstroGeometry how to process the time and location data you enter in the 36 Time and Location boxes and how to display the results of those processes.

We will cover that section later in greater detail. The Data Display Area:. The Data Display area can be hidden from view by closing the pop up window.

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It is scrollable and will display only those planets you have selected using the functions of the Select Planets Menu Bar selection. Your AstroGeometry has menus for all of the features that most members normally use. As you can see from your AstroGeometry screen, there are several menus listed along the Menu Bar.

Although your new AstroGeometry does have several drop-down menus, there are just a few features of the program that are not accessible through any of the available menus, and such features must therefore be accessed through hotkeys to be explained later. As is the case with most Windows programs, most selections on the menus also have hotkeys which are alternative ways to access features by pressing a combination of keyboard items. In these instructions, from time to time, we will interchange from using menus to hotkeys so you get used to the idea of using either one. This is standard with Windows programs and if you are confused by what you just read, please just read on and you will understand what we mean.

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The word click means to depress the left mouse button after situating the pointing arrow that the mouse controls over the screen object that is to be clicked. Right-click means to depress the RIGHT mouse button after situating the pointing arrow that the mouse controls over the screen object that is to be clicked.

If an object button, text box, menu selection, etc. The word planet is used as a general term which can mean an actual planet, an asteroid, an astronomical point, or the Earths Moon.

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The word glyph means a symbol used to represent a planet in a pictorial manner rather than by using the planets full name or an abbreviation thereof. Following are the most common glyphs used in AstroGeometry:. You do this the same way you do it for the windows of other software programs. If you do not know how to do this, check with a friend or your Windows manuals. But very quickly, you can adjust the size of the Full Screen Grid by pointing the mouse at any of the four corners of the window. For example, move the arrow of your mouse to the upper left corner of the window.

Move it around this corner very slowly until you see the white arrow disappear and a black double-arrow appear. There are two types of black double-arrows; one type points to the left and right, and the other type points diagonally. You should see the Full Screen Aspects Window become larger. Let go of the mouse button when you have made the window the size you want.

To decrease the size of the window, point the arrow at the upper left corner and move the arrow slowly around the small corner area until you see one of the Resizing Arrows appear. Hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse to the right until the window is the size you want. Remember there are two types of Resizing Arrows.