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A stint in the spotlight is just what you need to give you that push toward your goals. Making your intentions public gives you the necessary accountability to keep your momentum strong. Spend some time with your family tonight. LEO July Aug. Others accept you at the level you value yourself, so work on self-confidence.

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Your strong identification with a co-worker possibly an Aries helps you both through a tough project. Success is not dependent on age or render. This is a prosperous year; big purchases, such as a car, go very well with the aspects now through the end of December.

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A travel adventure has romantic overtones. Consider dancing, writing or drawing as an outlet, you will be most surprised by your own talent. For love, your best partners are Libra and Gemini. In July, you may get engaged. Your lucky numbers are: 2, 40, 22, 24 and A secret fantasy becomes a reality. You are hopeful even when others give up, which is ultimately the key to your success. Loves makes the wheels of inspiration turn. Cranky peers complicate matters unless you stay calm. Focus on articulating your goals and specifically stating your mission.

There is little than can come between you and your ideal role in the world. If you see yourself one step up the status ladder, you will slowly attain that new position. You may be surprised by your intense feelings and could very easily fall in love now. Respond to criticism with a sense of humor. You push yourself hard to finish work, but you may still need to do some of it over the weekend.

Besides, exuberance attracts love. First impressions are reliable, so let your instinct rule your head. A former mate will call you. Get out of a bad love relationship Best intentions are not enough. Actions and follow-throughs count the most.

Scorpio: Your love horoscope - December 03

Love relationships are so complex, you may feel like focusing elsewhere. A large financial transaction proves fortunate. Ideas turn to gold, however, you must do the groundwork in order to reap benefits. If there is a legitimate short cut, you will find it. A sibling needs to see you. You shine in the eyes of family and friends. What must you do to impress yourself?

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Current work conditions and duties improve, coincidentally, when you seek employment elsewhere. A Sagittarius or Libra would like your commitment. Singles who have been wondering endlessly where a relationship is going may keep on wondering through the weekend, unless they summon up the courage to just ask outright.

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Answers to the mysteries of love are more fun to quest after than to actually attain, so enjoy the feelings of longing that bring you closer to your deeper self. Aries: You fall in love with someone all too reasonable. Taurus: Use your sensuality to instill in your partner a new appreciation for the finer things in life. Gemini: You move mountains just to impress someone. Cancer: Build the mystery! Some of these appeared either earlier in the comic strip's run such as Father Marty while others were just mere extras such as the Los Kosas Muntinlupas, Igno's former fellow inmates in Bilibid Prison.

Many of these were only given official names in "character guide" supplements in compilations such as the inmates and the school principal, mostly hitherto unnamed. These names are then carried over to future strips. British English words are prevalent in the strip like -ise words and Medina uses these kinds of words in his own write-ups. The characters are typically ageless, and their actual ages are usually vague. The few characters whose present ages are stated are Dagul 48 , and the kids 8 or 9. Utoy and 'Adre are the only characters to have visibly aged in the strip through the years, barring flashbacks Utoy first appeared as a baby; 'Adre has lately lost some of his hair.

A "holdover hippie" from the s, Bab nevertheless seems to be only in his twenties or thirties, which would be impossible in real life. A series of strips published in Pugad Baboy X implies that Bab is at least over 28 years old. In the same compilation, Tita Cel mentions that Jolen is 27 years younger than Bab and since the stock age of the Pugad Baboy children is 8—9, Bab is possibly 35— One of the strip's running gags is the depiction or at least the description of Arabs having very foul body odor. Examples of this running gag are Kules' Saudi friend, which the former calls Lancaster because the friend smells like the langka or jack fruit , and the stinky concentrated chemical agent PSSI pawis ng singit ng sundalong Iraqi or Iraqi soldier's jock sweat mentioned in the story arc The Baguio Connection.

This running gag is likely based on the author's personal experience. It is also reasonable, considering that the desert atmosphere in most Arab countries prevents their people from taking daily baths.

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  • Other such gags include the monotonous diet of chicken in Saudi Arabia also likely based on personal experience , Paltik's blatant aversion to the " coming of age " ritual of circumcision, and Polgas and Dagul de-appetizing Debbie on the breakfast table.

    And steriotyped Iraqis are seen in earlier works. Medina usually voices out his takes on events, people and the like through Polgas and Mang Dagul. Polgas is also recurringly shown as a comic strip artist, like his creator.

    According to Medina, the characters he most identifies with are Polgas, Mang Dagul, and Utoy; like him, they wear earrings on their left ears. As mentioned earlier in this article, the strip does not showcase domestic life alone as Medina has created story arcs which involve the various characters in adventurous, dramatic or other plotted situations. There is no standard as how long a story arc may last, since it can run from several weeks to a few months. The story arc is only titled when it is included in a compilation.

    This list below contains named story arcs that last at least 15 strips long and which compilation each appears. This story arc which appeared in Disi-Sais! Since that arc, it took Medina three years before he came up with Benigno Ramos: Bounty Hunter , and then another three with Bodyguard. This compilation became so popular that Medina himself made more. Typically, a new compilation is released near the start of each year. Including Aldana's compilation, there are currently 34 Pugad Baboy compilation books:. The popularity of Pugad Baboy also spawned some merchandise such as DogStyle Apparel and Polgas P-gurines a set of figurines depicting Polgas and some Polgas characters.

    They are currently distributed by Medina's company, Pol Medina Jr. Though the show was live-action, the opening logo featured limited animation. Some of the episodes were based upon earlier plots in the strip, while others followed a skit show format. It was aired on GMA 7 and lasted only two seasons, 15 episodes in all. In the ninth book, Medina states that he dreams of making a Pugad Baboy cartoon.

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    Besides Pugad Baboy books, Medina has also published compilations of his editorial cartoons for the Philippine Daily Inquirer , called the Ink and Politics series. The cartoons sometimes feature Pugad Baboy characters. Polgas always appears on covers of these books. Three books have been published as the newspaper stopped hiring him as substitute political cartoonist in around Some Pugad Baboy characters can be seen on the ads of Dencio's , a notable restaurant chain in the Philippines. Animation has been done by another great Pinoy artist, Arnold Arre.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pugad Baboy Cover of Katorse , the 14th compilation of Pugad Baboy, which features all major characters of the comic strip series. Retrieved AFP News through Yahoo! June 6, Mar 1, Retrieved Mar 9, The Philippine Star. Mar 5, Pugad Baboy. Pol Medina, Jr. Villains of Pugad Baboy Pirata. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles prone to spam from September Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    Cover of Katorse , the 14th compilation of Pugad Baboy, which features all major characters of the comic strip series.