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However, western astrologers have refrained from doing so and continue to refer to the zodiac based on the placement of stars millions of years ago. If precession is taken into account,it throws the zodiac completely out of whack. Take this for a reality check: the sun sign of people born between June 22 and July 20 is not Cancer but Gemini. See The Real Sun Signs As if this was not enough to shake your belief, science deals another blow to the zodiac system in the shape of Ophiucus, or the serpent bearer -- the 13th constellation. It seems that this group of stars escaped the probing eyes of the Babylonians as they divided the sky into 12 compartments.

It, therefore, does not find a mention in western astrology.

March 24 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

If you were born between November 30 and December 17, your sun sign is Ophiucus and not Saggitarius. If indeed stars speak then they have been telling lies. Perhaps now you'll understand why your outspoken Arian self never got along with your partner's Saggitarian spontaneity though Goodman promised smouldering chemistry between the two signs. Goodman,it seems,is just as random about predicting the compatibility of two people as your family panditji or astrologer are even though they claim to be more accurate.

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Indian astrologers make birth charts kundlis and predictions by tracing the position of a constellation, or nakshatra, in the night sky and then deducting 23 degrees the angle of tilt of the earth's axis from it to get its "exact" position. Indians do take precession into consideration. Even though other planets are there,we don't count their influence on your life because at that precise moment they are retrograde or not visible to the naked eye," explains astrologer Pandit Ajai Bhambi who has just come out with the book Vedic Sun Signs.

Because Indians deduct 23 degrees from the visible position of a constellation,it translates into a gap of 23 days between sun signs in western zodiac and desi ones. You have to bear in mind, though, that it may be erroneous to believe you are an Aries even in the western scheme of things if you are born on March 24 - the point exactly that anti-astrologers are trying to make. When TOI-Crest approached some western astrologers to explain these obvious discrepancies, none was able to do so.

Marjorie Orr,a well-known astrologer whose daily predictions are carried in a host of magazines offered this: "The earth does tilt on its axis and the line through the centre of the earth has moved roughly from the constellation of Pisces into the constellation of Aquarius though the start and finish dates are difficult to pinpoint.

Orr used to be an award-winning journalist who later turned to psychotherapy and astrology. But what she says makes little sense. Even as you struggle to understand what it could possibly mean,he throws his latest predictions at you.

March 24 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

On July 11,he says,he foretold in a city paper that Spain will score a goal in the last 11 minutes and win the world cup. That's much better than Octopus Paul who could only predict a simple Spain win. To drive home the importance of number 11, Daruwala also mentions that July 11 is his birthday and that the number of his residential flat is Two days before the Mangalore air crash,he says he had told a popular FM radio channel in Mumbai that because of certain "arrangement" between Uranus and Saturn , there will be an air crash.

A phone conversation with numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani followed a similar trajectory.

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He claims he had correctly predicted that Sakshi will prove lucky for M S Dhoni. The Indian skipper grabbed Rs crores as part of various advertisement deals soon after his marriage to her. As for the question of precession and a missing constellation, he says "all this is automatically controlled.

Dr N Rathnasree, director, Nehru planetarium, says, "In my opinion,astrology is just an abuse of astronomy by astrologers - for business interests. The answer seems to be floating somewhere in the swirling,churning motions of the universe which astrologers desperately try to link with your life on earth. It's a great pick up line, though. More from TOI This guy lost 15 kilos in just 5 months! Their deep understanding of all social relations and problems leads Aries born on March 24 to conclude that in life a man is a loner, and besides himself, no one needs him.

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They take any case, deed, calmly, never complaining about the lack of luck and adverse circumstances. Any loss is for them, first of all, an invaluable experience. Their spirit cannot be broken. In a love relationship, they always stay on the side, not allowing their big hearts to completely fly under the arrows of cupid.

Thinking of one thing, this does not prevent them from speaking and acting differently.

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Life for these men and women is in some way a game, or rather a comedy. They themselves position themselves as all judges and all knowing members of society. They look at others from high, maintaining arrogance and a slight grin. Anyone they know, at one time or another, is miserable in the eyes of those whose birthday falls on that day. From love, from the very first day of the relationship, they are ready for the most deplorable scenario. From an early age, their mentality and beliefs are based on the principle that in no case can you afford to fall in love.